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Gift Baskets For Any Occasion! Order From Our Selection, Or Call For Your Personalized Gift! Canada Wide Shipping Available!

Sweet Surprise!
Our Price: $79.95
Let It Snow
Our Price: $59.95
Wine & Sweet Treats
Our Price: $129.95
This lined basket is perfect for the person who loves sweets! Chocolate draped pretzels, chocolate wafer cookies, chocolate wafer rolls, caramel popcorn, almond cranberry popcorn, dark chocolate bars, caramels, chocolate truffles, Lindors, cashew roca, coffee, tea, and double chocolate meltaways! Our collection of festive treats! Sugar cookies, chocolate graham cookies, bite sized shortbread, chocolate biscottis, caramels, an assortment of truffles, dark chocolate bar, chocolate mints, festive coffees, Italian Amaretti cookies, and cranberry popcorn! This basket features two bottles of Colio Estates Wines, pretzels, mustards, dark, and extra dark chocolate pairing bars, icewine chocolates, caramel popcorn, cappuccinos, Ghiradelli caramel squares, truffles, double chocolate biscottis, chocolate wafer rolls all in a beautiful container!